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US$ 1,807.60
CA$ 2,434.47
EUR 1.715,32
US$ 23.43
CA$ 31.56
EUR 22,23
US$ 1,035.30
CA$ 1,394.34
EUR 982,44
US$ 1,968.80
CA$ 2,651.58
EUR 1.868,29
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Selected products:

1 troy ounce Platinum Bar

The 1 troy ounce platinum bar is the most sold bar, when it comes to platinum bars. Platinum is the rarest of the precious metals and much rarer than gold. For this reason alone platinum belongs in every precious metal depot.

100 troy ounces Silver Bar

The 100 troy ounces silver bar from the Royal Canadian Mint is one of the most requested 100 troy ounce silver bars. About 3.11 kilos of pure silver with an embossed serial number and year of manufacture each bar is distinctive. When you buy this bar you get the best and most silver for your money.

1 troy ounce Gold Bar

Gold is timeless and for millennia the perfect medium to keep your wealth over time. Gold is the perfect store of value and when it comes to gold, most people choose the 1 troy ounce gold bar. His size works best for most people.

Why should I buy from SIPLAGO?

Please think about two things for a moment. First, do you have any diversification in physical precious metals? And second, do you have any diversification into other countries and other currencies? There is a high chance that the answer to both questions is No. It is in the human nature that we are drawn to our familiar environment and that we try to avoid things which are unfamiliar. Financa, in this regard, makes noc difference.
But if your answer to one or both questions above in no, then you could have a problem during the next financial crash or crises. Your wealth has a lack of diversification and you are at risk to loose a lot of your wealth during the next crises.
When you buy precious metals from us and store them with us in Canada you get a diversification into physical precious metals, into another currency and into another country or even another continent.
We store your precious metals in Canada in a high security vault. If you like you could come to Canada and we go with you into the high security vault and show you your precious metals in your own sealed box. You can touch, inspect and count your precious metals and if you like you can even take pictures of precious metals.