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SiPlaGo is a company specialising in Software Development and in Precious Metals like Gold, Silver and Platinum. Precious Metals offer wealth protection for people and companies in uncertain times. With the development of software for companies we can optimize the work flows and efficiency of in almost every company.
In combination with precious metals, our software products can offer unexpected possibilities for business people and owners of companies. This could provide these business people and company owners with a financial advantage against their competitors. Please check our web pages for further information. Thank you.

Are you a business owner and would like to optimize the work flow in your business?
As a business owner you work very hard for your money and you are probably annoyed about unreasonably high fees and taxes which get deducted from your earnings.
You are probably even more annoyed about the even higher fees and taxes if you try to take out the profits of your company.
If so, please contact us and we can show you ways to reduce your fees and taxes on your profits to 25% or even lower.

Our products and services

IT & Software Development

You are a business owner and you want to optimize the work flow in your business?
We can develop and provide the perfect software and infrastructure for you and your business.


SPG is short for Silver, Platinum and Gold and represents a precious metal unit consisting of these three precious metals. With SPG you are able to buy these three precious metals in one step and you can easily manage your holdings of SPG within your online account. The deposited precious metals for SPG will be stored in a high security vault in Canada, one of the safest countries in the world.

Precious Metals in Canada

Canada is one of the most secure and reliable countries in the world. Buy and store your precious metals in a high security vault in Canada. It is a perfect diversification out of your country and out of your currency into a different country with a different currency.