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Canada Trip with a visit to the High Security Vault

Twice a year we fly for a few days from Frankfurt to Halifax in Nova Scotia, Canada. There, on the very first day, we visit the high-security vault where we store our customers' precious metals and our own precious metals. Afterwards there is an insider guided tour through and around Halifax. Here is a report from June 2023.

No energy transition without precious metals

Solar systems, wind turbines, electromobility - without precious metals there will be no energy transition. Above all, silver is needed for the energy transition. Read this article and learn more.

Guide to silver

Silver is a very special precious metal! What are physical precious metals and what makes silver such a unique precious metal? Where should you buy your physical silver and where should you store this unique precious metal? Read this article and learn more.

Should you store precious metals in a bonded warehouse?

Quite a few people store their valuable precious metals in bonded warehouses. But does this make sense at all? Has the issue of bonded warehouses been thought through to the end by these precious metal owners? What speaks against bonded warehouses? Read this article and learn more..

Why should you buy physical precious metals?

Why bother and go through the hassle of buying physical precious metals? Safe storage and insurance also incur costs. What does our monetary system have to do with it? What does national debt have to do with it? Read this article and learn more.


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